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Transcription and annotation of 'Memories van Overgave' concerning Persia

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R. Ali Kavani

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Within the large corpus of Dutch documents concerning the presence of the VOC in Persia (1623-1766), the so-called Memories van overgave occupy a special position. In such a memorandum directors of the VOC, both in Persia and elsewhere, at the end of their term in office when handing over their office to their successor, summarized what had happened during the period they were in charge, what they had been able to achieve, what problems they had encountered and what unsolved business lie ahead of their successor.

Therefore,  Memories van overgave are an obvious choice in a project that aims at making a very important source for the history of Safavid and post-Safavid Iran available for Iranian historians, which is the main objective of the project.

  1. After having identified the directors of the VOC in Persia it has to be established whether all of them did indeed write a Memorie van overgave and whether they are all available. In case a Memorie van overgave either was not written or is no longer available, other documents of a comparable nature will be used.
  2. The documents will be transcribed and annotated on the basis of both Dutch and Persian sources; special attention will be given to the Persian, Turkish and Arabic vocabulary used in VOC documents.
  3. The documents will be translated in Persian with an adapted annotation for Iranian scholars, especially concerning the Dutch context and vocabulary. [In a later phase, an English translation can be added --possibly instead of the Persian one-- in order to reach a greater readership].
  4. Transcript and translation will be preceded by a thorough introduction in English.


Prof. Dr. Johan G.J. ter Haar

Dr. Mansur Sefatgol

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