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The Evolution of Kingship in Seventeenth Century Aceh Darussalam (1600-1645)

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Drs. Ingrid Saroda Cosijn-Mitrasing

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I.S.Cosijn@let.leidenuniv. nl


The point of departure is the turn of the century when Aceh's interactions with European trade prospectors started. It is a period that sees the reign of a troubled dynasty on the throne of the sultanate and its efforts to establish Aceh as the principal trade centre in the Sumatran / Malay region and pepper provider of the world's markets, while developing and enacting its role as crusader against the Portuguese in Malacca and that of policeman guarding against foreign hegemony in the Sumatran / Malay region.

Evolution in this sense means structural changes that occur during a developmental process. Stagnation and decline are also part of this evolution. 

The research centre's around the different monarchs' relations with the outside world and by doing so assess their developing role and stature in the region. It will examine how foreign intrusion impacted on Aceh's internal development and influenced Aceh's policies towards the region and vice versa.




Prof. Dr. J. Leonard Blussé

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Prof. Dr. Teuku Iskandar

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