Issued: The Archives of the Dutch East India Company and the Local Institutions in Batavia (Jakarta)

The TANAP programme resulted in an extensive catalogue of fifteen archives of VOC institutions in Jakarta.

The inventories werd compiled G.L. Balk, F. van Dijk, D.J. Kortlang of Nationaal Archief in The Hague with the assistance of staff of the Arsip Nasional Republik Indonesia. The book includes a general  introduction on the organization of the VOC by Prof. Dr F.S. Gaastra, an extensive introduction on the VOC and the local institutions in Batavia (1619-1811) by Dr. H.E. Niemeijer, the history of the VOC-archives in Indonesia by G.L. Balk, F. van Dijk en D.J. Kortlang  and an introduction to the co-operation of the Indonesian and Netherlands national archives under the TANAP programme by Dr P. Koenders. The book was issued by Brill in Leiden:

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