9 april 2005: Introductory workshop: Observatory Community Centre

Report-back on the TEP project

Twenty participants (school and museum based educators, archaeologists and architects, genealogists and family historians) and 13 TEP representatives took part. The Project Manager presented the background to the project, examples of documents being transcribed and the embedded information, a brief technical outline of the transcription process and some of the issues and decisions. A panel of the Editors and Transcribers presented points of interest from their work: extraordinary detail of everyday lives and individual personalities and places that is revealed in the inventories and auction lists. Discussion ranged from medicines to religious practice, and from language to animal husbandry.

Participants worked with inventories in their interest groups (school and museum-based educators, archaeologists and architects, genealogists and family historians), interpreting the documents from a particular research viewpoint. There were ambitious suggestions for future directions: transcription of privately owned Muslim family records, indexing current research products, digital photographs of manuscripts, popular publications and guidebooks, media (especially radio), dissemination of results, resourcing the capacity of the Archives to catalogue their collections, internet hosting and links, an international symposium or conference, and an introduction to XML.

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