Closing and presentation of Encompass

Fourth TANAP Conference in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The value of this fourth and last TANAP Workshop in Asia was that the members of the PhD research group presented their topics and findings to a selected Indonesian audience of historians. The response of Indonesian colleagues was interesting and of a high academic level.

After the end of the last session, Prof. Dr. H.W. van den Doel, head of the Department of History of Leiden University, presented the prospects of the ENCOMPASS programme, Encountering a Common Past. Many of the audience agreed that this would be an important programme for Indonesian historians. Several Indonesian historians said it should not be a programme involving only Indonesian students that will be sent to the Netherlands. It should also include European exchange students being taught in Indonesia. Dr. H.E. Niemeijer, the academic programme coordinator, pointed out that ENCOMPASS would not be a bilateral programme but a multilateral one, involving a number of students from all of Asia, including Iran and Yemen. Depending on the funding of the programme in Leiden, it could also involve students from the UK, France and Germany, who would follow courses in Indonesia and conduct research there. The conclusion of this session was that there is consensus among the parties involved, and the will to continue.

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