4th Session Paper Presentations

Fourth TANAP Conference in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Yusak Soleiman and Hsin Samuel Cha presented the results of one year of research. Dr. J. Aritonang commented on Soleiman's subject, the spread of early Protestantism on the Java's northeast coast, and also on Hsin Cha's paper. In how far were the Formosans really influenced by the western religion and did it last?, he asked. Cornelis Alyona briefly presented his proposed research into the history of Western Education on 19th-century Ambon. Prof. Yao Keisuke discussed the paper of Matsukata Fuyuko on how the Dutch reports on world news were important to the Japanese government until 1859. How did these reports play a role in defining Japan's early-19th-century foreign policy?

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