Speakers and Papers

Third TANAP Workshop, Xiamen University, Xiamen, China

  • Muridan Widjojo (Indonesia)
 -  The Papuan Raiders and their Perspectives: Some notes on 'Piracy' in the Moluccan waters in the eighteenth century
  • Alicia Schrikker (The Netherlands)
 - Dutch colonial attitude on Ceylon in the late eighteenth century: the memoranda of Thomas Nagel and Jacob Burnand
  • Bhawan Ruangsilp (Thailand)
 - Diplomatic relations between the Siamese Court and the Dutch East India Company in the seventeenth century
  • Ghulam Ahmad Nadri (India)
 - Dutch Trade in Cutch-Mandavi in the 1750s
  • KWEE, Hui-kian (Singapore)
 - The Chinese Economic Activities on Java's Northeast Coast under the Rule of the Dutch East India Company (1743-1795)
  • Sri Margana (Indonesia)
 - The “Puputan Bayu”: War, Disease and a Demographic Catastrophe in Blambangan, 1771-1773
  • LIU, Yong (China)
 - Culture Clash in Canton: From the Flint Affair, the ‘Chinese Debts’ Trouble to the Goede Hoop Matter, 1759 – 1781
  • Hoang Anh Tuan (Vietnam)
 - Vietnam’s Jingdezhen Ware and the VOC’s Ceramic Trade with Tonkin in the Seventeenth Century
  • Ryuto Shimada (Japan)
 - Flying Dutchman: Global Competition in the Copper Market, 1730-1800
  • Binu M. John Parambil (India)
 - The Ali Rajas of Cannanore: Status and Identity at the Interface of Commercial and Political Expansion (1664-1722)
  • Anjana Singh (India)
 - From Merchant-Warriors to Landlords. The Changing Perceptions of the Dutch in Cochin (1663-1795)
  • Bondan Kanumoyoso (Indonesia)
 - The dynamics of a Hinterland: Ethnic Classification and Kampong Settlements in the Environs of eighteenth-century Batavia
  • CHEN, Menghong (The Netherlands)
 - A Chinese Community outside China: A Study of the Archives of the Chinese Council of Batavia in the Middle of the Nineteenth Century
  • Atsushi Ota (Japan)
 -   Reorganization of local society: Banten under European rule, 1808-1830
  • CHA, Hsin (Taiwan)
 - The Dutch Reformed Church on Formosa: Missionary and Civic Calvinism in a Colonial Context (1626-1662)
  • Nirmal R. Dewasiri (Sri Lanka)
 - Land, Labour and the Company. Some problems in explaining the ‘Colonial Interface’ of the VOC and peasant life in Western and Southern littoral in Ceylon in the mid-eighteenth century

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