Speakers and Papers

Second TANAP Workshop, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Prof. Dr. Leonard Blussé (Supervisor, The Netherlands)
 -  War, Trade and Diplomacy in Asia 1600-1800: an Age of Partnership?
  • Dr. Dhiravat na Pombejra (Supervisor, Thailand)
 - The importance of VOC sources to the study of Thai history
  • Alicia Schrikker (TANAP Ph.D. Candidate, Leiden University, The Netherlands)
 - Dutch and British source-material and the construction of Sri Lankan history. Some reflections on historical heuristics
  • Anjana Singh (M.Phil., Mumbai University, India)
 - Peoples, Places and Perceptions. The Dutch Fortress of Cochin, A.D. 1750
  • Atsushi Ota (TANAP Ph.D Candidate, Waseda University, Japan)
 - Local society of Banten, c.1760-1790
  • Bhawan Ruangsilp (MA, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)
 - The Dutch View on Siamese Diplomacy:The Reception of the Portuguese Embassy at the Court of Ayutthaya in 1639
  • Hoang Anh Tuan (MA, Vietnam National University,`Vietnam)
 - Trade or War? Difference of Interests between the VOC and the Vietnamese Kingdom of Tonkin, 1637-1643
  • Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri (MA, Colombo University, Sri Lanka)
 - The Company, Rebellions and the Problem of 'Otherness': An analysis of the relationship between the VOC and the Cinnamon peelers in the 18th century Ceylon
  • KWEE, Hui-kian (TANAP PhD Candidate, National University of Singapore, Singapore)
 - Tax-farming Activities on the Java's Northeast Coast in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century
  • LIU, Yong (TANAP Ph.D. Candidate, Xiamen University, China)
 - Seeing the Conduct of the Direct Dutch- China Trade through the Instructions of the China Committee
  • Ryuto Shimada (TANAP Ph.D. Candidate, Waseda University, Japan)
 - Fight for the Bride: The Inter Asian Competition for Japanese Copper, 1690-1760
  • Supaporn Ariyasasjsiskul (MA, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)
 - The VOC's tin trade in Ligor
  • Russel Viljoen (MA, University of the Western Cape, South Africa)
 - “Land of our Forefathers": Jan Paerl: A Khoikhoi Prophet in Cape Colonial Society, 1761-1851
  • Frederic Goedeman (MA, University of the Western Cape, South Africa)
 - The Namaqua Khoisan and the VOC’s Northern Frontier of Expansion, 1680-1750
  • Bondan Kanumoyoso (MA, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia)
 - Princes, ‘Nederlanders’ and ‘Bovenlanders’. Socio-economic Activity and Change in West Java: Forest production and agriculture in Ceribon-Priangan / Kerawang 1677-1722
  • Sri Margana (MA, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
 - The Contested Frontier: Java's Oosthoek during the Late Eighteenth Century, 1764-1800
  • Muridan Satrio Widjojo (MA, LIPI, Indonesia)
 - Charisma, Spices, and Guns: The Strategies of Prince Nuku against the VOC in the End of Eighteenth Century
  • LIN, Chang-hua (Master of Divinity, Taiwan Theological College, Taiwan)
 - Between Adaptazion and Hollandization: The Reformed Church in seventeenth-century Formosa 1627-1662
  • CHIU, Hsin-hui (MA, National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
 - The Hierarchical ‘Alliance’: Power Relationships between the Southern Formosans and the Dutch 1634-1654
  • Marn´┐Ż Strydom (MA, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa)
 - Pride and Prejudice - The role of policy and perception creation in the Chinese revolt of 1652 on Dutch Formosa

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