a to preserve the VOC archives as a component of the mutual heritage of the three continents and to create awareness of their importance among the parties concerned;
b with the aid of information technology, to improve the availability and accessibility of the VOC archives so that they can be consulted more easily by scholars and the general public world-wide;
c to carry out research into the early-modern economic and social transformations in Asia and Southern Africa;
d to train a new generation of historians in Asia, Africa and Europe who will form an international academic network;
e to foster international cooperation aimed at the exchange of knowledge required for improved management of the common heritage;
f to reach a joint recommendation of the involved countries that the VOC archives be included in UNESCO's Memory of the World Register.

Example of the VOC archives as a mutual heritage of many cultures: Register in Dutch, Portugese and Malayalam in the Tamil Nadu Archives
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or an outline and the results and products of the Research Programme and the Archives Programme go to the webpages research and archives.

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