Nationaal Archief

Name translated in English

National Archives of the Netherlands

Postal address

PO Box 90520
2509 LM The Hague
The Netherlands

Visiting address

Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 20
The Hague


+31 (0)70 331 54 00 (general information)
+31 (0)70 331 54 44 (information concerning the holdings)


+31 (0)70 331 54 99



Project coordinator

Dr. P. Koenders





The Nationaal Archief van Nederland is the (inter-)national center for the study of Dutch history and culture. It functions as the "National Memory", which is available to the citizens as well as the government. The Nationaal Archief van Nederland guarantees the safekeeping of its holdings for the present and future generations. It aims to secure the sources for knowledge on and insight in the objectives and proceedings of the Dutch Government, the bodies of state and provincial bodies in the province of South-Holland.


For a more detailed description of the Nationaal Archief van Nederland and its holdings, see the section Archives on this website.

The Nationaal Archief van Nederland was established in 1802. In 1814 all the state archives up to the year 1794 were centralized. Due to the ever growing accumulation of records the institute moved in 1902 to the purpose-built building at Bleijenburg. In 1980, for the same reasons, it removed again to its present building. In 2002, at its 200 year's anniversary, the organization changed its name from Nationaal Archief van Nederland (ARA, National Archives of the Netherlands) into Nationaal Archief (NA).

The Nationaal Archief is an agency of the Ministry of Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap (OCW, Education, Culture and Science).

The Nationaal Archief is divided into three departments: Bedrijfsvoering (professional management), Publiek (public service) and Collectie (acquisition, accessibility and physical management).


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